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Guidance Plan K-12

The district's Guidance Plan is available (and may be downloaded) at the bottom of this page. It is an educational resource for Valhalla's K-12 children that promotes student achievement, personal development, and college and career planning.

Please read the article below to learn about the new Guidance Plan.

Districtwide Guidance Plan Unveiled to Ensure K-12 Student Success

From our district’s youngest to oldest children, all students will be supported to ensure the success of their academic, personal and career goals with Valhalla's Guidance Plan.

The guidance department released its new Guidance Plan in 2018, a comprehensive educational resource for the entire Valhalla community. Its mission is to promote student achievement, personal development, and college and career planning for students as they move through the grades. It also ensures that each child has access to a quality and equitable education.

“This is really all about student success,” said Kevin McLeod, Assistant Superintendent for Business. “It’s a great resource of information for our community. Families will get a deeper understanding of what our program involves and how we benefit the children.”

In the past, the guidance department focused on Valhalla Middle/High School; however, the new Guidance Plan broadens its reach to Valhalla’s two primary schools as well. This expansion ensures continuity and progressive support throughout all students’ educational journeys.

The Guidance Plan is divided into three categories of development: academic, career and personal/social. They all center on fostering a positive attitude toward self, planning for the future, becoming a contributing member of society and developing responsible social skills.

Some highlights include:
  • Academic development: Identifying long- and short-term goals, demonstrating critical thinking skills, engaging in challenging courses, and participating in enrichment and extra-curricular activities.
  • Career development: Exploring career opportunities, attending the Southern Westchester BOCES Careers Fair, learning strategies to achieve future career success, and taking the career decision-making Harrington O’Shea test.
  • Personal/social development: Learning about empathy, responsibility and ethical decision-making while creating positive relationships.

“This Guidance Plan is promising for our families, especially since we have seen more parent involvement in recent years,” said school counselor Susana Reis. “We encourage parents to be involved and provide personal attention for students and parents districtwide.”

The Guidance Plan will continue to grow and expand as a “living document,” said Mr. McLeod. As the student population changes and more data becomes available, the guidance department will adapt it to suit student need.