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October Artists of the Month

VMHS Announces October’s Artists of the Month

Congratulations to Valhalla Middle School’s Vaniah Watson and Valhalla High School’s Nick Sullivan for being recognized as VMHS’ Artists of the Month for October.

Two art students kicked off the year in style by being named Valhalla Middle/High School’s October Artists of the Month – the first of the 2018-19 academic year.

Valhalla Middle/High School art teachers Ivana Masic, Holly Lovegrove and Lisa Green selected sixth-grader Vaniah Watson and junior Nick Sullivan as October’s Artists of the Month. Vaniah and Nick were selected for their work and improvement during the opening months of school

Nick’s artist statement:

“Art is a means of expression, whether it's trying to convey an abstract point or a simple sketch – they all mean something. I started to draw around 8th grade, beginning with cartoons and then moving on to other mediums and styles as I grew. Drawn to it by its naturally therapeutic and dynamic properties, art has been a huge part of my growth as not just an artist, but a person as well. As I develop art styles and skills, I try to use different materials to experiment with how I express ideas. All of the arts – not just drawing or sculpting – are unique, ever-changing and different to every person. As humans, we thrive through communication, and that's what art is at its most basic element: a form of communication.”

Vaniah’s artist statement:

“‘We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.’ This was a quote said by Maya Angelou. This quote means a lot because in art we “mess up” but we make it into something new. Art is not just about color and paper and paint and beauty, it's about enjoying yourself in the moment and not forgetting that your imagination is one of the most beautiful things to put on a canvas. I started art when I was in preschool. It was always so fun and relaxing and joyous to me. This made me feel like there was a whole other world: The World Of Art. Art is one of the most fun things for me to do and that is why I am honored to be Artist of the Month.

Congratulations to both of our Artists of the Month!