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Dr. Evans (right) Mr. Curran
Ms. McDonald (left) with Mr. Thomas
Ms. Sarvaideo (right) with Ms. Kimiecik

Three Dedicated Valhalla Teachers Receive Tenure

Congratulations to Valhalla Schools’ three 2019 tenure recipients: Kensico School music teacher Laura Evans, Valhalla High School math teacher Nicole McDonald and English as a Second Language teacher Meghan Sarvaideo.

A trio of well-respected teachers were approved for tenure by the Valhalla Board of Education.

At the June school board meeting, the board confirmed Kensico School music teacher Laura Evans, Valhalla High School math teacher Nicole McDonald and English as a Second Language teacher Meghan Sarvaideo as tenure recipients.

As each staff member was introduced by their supervisor, the audience applauded the newest milestone in their careers.

Dr. Evans began teaching at Kensico School in September 2015. Since then, she has improved instrument engagement and increased the number of orchestra students by 66%; began the annual fifth-grade play to offer children a chance to perform, gain confidence and collaborate with their peers; and recently developed a quintet of advanced strings players who can further improve their skills.

“We have been very lucky for the past four years,” said Kensico School Principal Matt Curran. “Dr. Evans is very passionate about the students that she teaches. She’s exceedingly patient, encourages them and is terrific at gauging their knowledge and ability. It’s wonderful to see Laura with our students. She puts them first. Performances are never about her, they’re about our students – and that’s what’s most important.”

Ms. McDonald began teaching at Valhalla High School as a leave replacement in September 2015. She wowed the administrators with her professionalism and her work with students. When they needed a full-time math teacher, they felt that she would be a strong candidate for the position. In addition to being an integral faculty member, she is also the yearbook club advisor and volleyball team coach (junior varsity head coach and varsity assistant coach).

“Everything that Nicole has touched has been nothing but success,” said now-retired Valhalla High School principal Jon Thomas. “She is full of energy. She is always smiling. The kids flock to her. I am so happy that she is part of the Valhalla family.”

Ms. Sarvaideo began working at Valhalla Middle School in September 2016. Over the years, she has implemented instructional strategies to ensure that the language acquisition of all students are met. She coordinates with content-area teachers and offers strategies to help children meet their content and language objectives. She also seeks out information about students’ cultural heritage and provides opportunities for families to engage in the learning process.

“She always has a smile on her face and is always talking to either a teacher or a student,” said Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Elizabeth Kimiecik. “Meghan takes a leadership role in Valhalla Middle School. She has helped to promote a culture of literacy. Colleagues are always seeking her knowledge, support and expertise in planning our instructional programs.”

Congratulations to our three newly tenured teachers!

Pictured: Top, Dr. Evans (right) Mr. Curran; center, Ms. McDonald (left) with Mr. Thomas; bottom, Ms. Sarvaideo (right) with Ms. Kimiecik.