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AP and College Course Information
Valhalla High School strongly believes in challenging our students and providing opportunities for them to be College and Career ready. Valhalla does this in many ways, including participation in the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Program and through enrollment in college courses that culminate in college credit from Westchester Community College.

AP Courses include:

AP English Language & Literature
AP European History
AP US History
AP Calculus
AP Biology
AP Physics

College Courses include:
College Research Writing (ENG 101)
College Accounting (ACC 119)
College Algebra (MATH 130)
College Statistics (MATH 140)
College Business Calculus (MATH 180)
College Environmental Science (BIOL 155)
College Computer Science (COMSC 101)
College Italian (ITAL 101)
College Spanish (SPAN 101)
College Drawing (ART 101)
College Painting (ART 103)